Hi! I'm Brian. I've been making music all my life. I am not fit for other lines of work. If you would like to be a patron of the arts, I've included a "Donate" button on my page. Every little bit helps me continue to make music that hopefully you all enjoy. Thank you!

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Singer/Songwriter Brian Halloran has been plugging away in NYC for 30+ years. For realz.



released in 2003

Originally recorded in 2003, Jasper was released on streaming in August 2023 for the 20th Anniversary.

News from the Queen Victoria

Released in 2013

The second album from Brian Halloran, featuring guest vocalists Kim Ince, Jes Hudak, Colin Smith, & Nicole McKenna.

The Legend of Handsome Pat

released in 2013

The Legend of Handsome Pat was a tribute album for Brian's brother Patrick Halloran, the lead singer of Irish folk rock band Ceann, who died in a car accident in February 2011. Most of the songs on the album were written by Patrick, and performed by a variety of Irish music acts. While the majority of the songs are only available on CD, the title track, written by Brian Halloran, was released on streaming in 2022. 

Goodbye, Virginia

released in 2020

Originally released in 2020 under a different band name, Goodbye, Virginia was remastered and re-released in 2023. 


Released in 2020

Originally released in 2020, Overnumerousness has been remixed and remastered and is being released on May 7th, 2024.


Released in 2020

Originally released in 2020, Disquiet was remixed and remastered by Ricky Watts, and will be re-released in late 2024. 

The Cocktail Hour

Release date October 17, 2023

The newest album from Brian Halloran, The Cocktail Hour was produced by Emmett O Malley.

Marauder (That Was Once Joy)

Release Date September 2024

The 7th album of original songs, coming Fall 2024.